On November 5, 2022, at 11:00 am, at 1565 NW 36th Street, Miami, FL 33142, the COMITES meeting in Miami was held.

At the indicated time and in the place or remotely, results

Present: Massimo Reboa, Anna Zuccarone, Melania Basile, Pasquale Cetera, Andrea Natale, Domizia Accolla, Marco Pignatelli, Augusto Cavallini, Cristiana Folchitto, Silvana Morena.

Absent: Andrea Di Giuseppe, Angela Capuzzello delegating the vote to Councillor Cavallini.

Also present were the Deputy Consul General of Miami Eva Alvino, the CGIE Director Vincenzo Arcobelli.

The Vice President opens the session and moves on to the first point of the ODG.

1. Approval Budget amendments adopted on 28 September 2022

Vote on budget changes
Votes In favour 11
Votes Against 0
The Assembly approves the amendments.

The Vice President passes to the second point in the ODG, the resignation of the President and the elections of the new one, and Secretary Zuccarone asks to put to a vote a motion to postpone the election of the new President to the next Assembly, giving candidates time to submit their programmes.
The Vice President puts to the vote the motion Zuccarone:

2. Vote by motion Zuccarone
Votes In favour 10
Votes Against 1 ( Massimo Reboa)
The assembly approves Zuccarone motion

Councillor Cavallini proposes a motion of no confidence of the Executive. The vice president confirms that he intends to resign after the election of the new president. Having also received the consent of the Consigliere Morena for the resignation and vote of the new Executive after the election of the President, Councillor Cavallini decides to withdraw his motion and reserves the right to present it if there is no voluntary resignation of the Executive.

The Councillor CGIE Arcobelli intervenes asking the Assembly if the resignation of President Di Giuseppe has been accepted, because he says there are procedures to follow. In this regard, Vice Consul General Alvino intervenes, explaining that the Ministry must be made aware and that there are procedures to be followed to finalize the resignation. The Vice President intervenes arguing that the assembly should not accept the resignation because it cannot force the President to remain in office. The Reboa Councillor informs the Assembly that President Andrea Di Giuseppe will not be able to participate in the work for legal institutional commitments to his role of

A motion is then presented to the assembly to take note of the resignation of the President and the pro-tempore passage of the Presidency to the Vice-President until the elections of the new President.

Votes in favour: 11
The Assembly takes note of the resignation of Andrea Di Giuseppe and the pro-tempore passage of the Presidency to the Vice-President until the elections of the new President.

We now move on to the presentation of the candidates for the new President.

The Councillor Morena is running and briefly explains his program, which wants a united Comites that can help solve the many problems that the Consulate has , to want to create an office of assistance to the Citizens, new committees and new activities.

It’s now up to Reboa Councillor who wants to represent Italians with specific reference to consular services, to give answers to Italians who wait even 4 years for a request for citizenship.

Finally, Mr Natale also formalises his candidacy, explaining that this institution is in search of meaning, that only by being united can a principle of representation be achieved, that we are only 12 to represent the 55 thousand Italians present in the consular district to which we belong, who would like to guide this Committee with consistency and fairness.

Councillor Pignatelli says he is pleased with a new president who can lead the committee in Democracy and delegates Councillor Cavallini to vote in the next assembly because he will not be able to participate.

The Welcoming Councillor as well as the Full Councillor must leave the meeting for work reasons and delegate Vice President Natale (Accolla ), and Councillor Reboa (Folchitto) to vote.

Councillor Cetera requests a motion to keep the candidates open until the last day before the elections.

Vote by motion Cetera
Votes in favour: 9
Votes Against: 2 ( Reboa and Folchitto )
The assembly approves Cetera motion

Since there is no other point to discuss, the Vice President closes the assembly at 12.54


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